Q: Is learning an online degree easier than a traditional degree? 

A: No, the online degree is exactly the same standard as any undergraduate programme offered by our partner, the University of Salford

Q: Is learning an online degree internationally recognised?

A: Yes, the online degree is validated by our partner, the University of Salford, and as such carries the same weight as any undergraduate programme offered by them

Q: Are the teaching staff as qualified as the staff who would teach me on a traditionally delivered programme?

A: Yes, all staff delivering the programme meet the universities strict standards and are equally as qualified as any other member of university staff. In addition, our teaching staff have extensive industry experience such as playing, coaching and administration, enabling them to make the programme content relevant to the needs of our learrners.

Q: How many hours per week do I need to study?

A: Each term you will study 3 modules. You will have 5 hours per week of on-line lectures/seminars plus up to 10 hours per week of applying your learning in your workbooks/assessments

Q: How will I access the resources?

A: Each week, through a bespoke online portal, you will have access to interactive workbooks, seminars and resources. You are able to work through the content in your own time in preparation for the weekly webinars and your end of module assessments. This allows you to study at a time most convenient time for you, ensuring you can continue in your existing football or work environment.

Q: How will be I assessed?

A: You will be assessed through a variety of methods such as essays, presentations, written reports and projects

Q: How long is an academic year?

A: The academic year runs from September until April. There are 2 terms per academic year. Each term is 12 weeks, they include an induction week, 10 weeks of teaching and 1 week for assessments.

Q: What are the entry requirements for the course?

A: You should be engaged within a football environment, this can be in a wide range of roles such as a Player, Coaching, Managing, Talent ID etc… and have the equivalent of grade 4 or above in GCSE Maths and GCSE English and have 96 UCAS points (BTEC MMM/DD or A-Levels at BCC)

Q: What if I do not meet the entry requirements for the course?

A: The University of Salford and Ahead in Sport welcomes applications from students who may not meet the stated entry criteria but who can demonstrate their ability to pursue the course successfully. During the application process we assess your application and recommend it for the Salford Alternative Entry Scheme if you are an eligible candidate.

Q: What is the cost of the course?

A: The fee for the course is £9,250 per year, this is the same as most undergraduate courses. The course is eligible for funding under the Student Loan scheme and members of the Professional Footballer’s Association can also apply for the PFA Education Bursary.

Q: Will I be entitled to claim a maintenance grant whilst I am on the course?

A: The course is not eligible for a maintenance grant. The grant is designed to cover accommodation and other living costs incurred by students residing at university. The benefit of an on-line course is that you can study from home and do not attract these additional costs. On-line learning offers flexibility in your hours of study and means that you are able to combine your studies with employment and football commitments.

Q: Will I be isolated with my studies on the on-line course?

A: Throughout the course you will be a valued member of the university community with access to all the support structures that entails, You will also be based within your existing football environment, providing you with daily contact and interaction with your peers. In addition the programme is designed to ensure you are an active contibutor to online lecturers/seminars and ensures regular contact with university staff. Finally, as part of our innovative Industry Mentor Scheme you will be assigned somebody with experience of the Football Industry to support you with your future career aspirations.